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Immunovet-Did you know

Immunovet from Biropharma in Hungary has been enriching animals of the UK for over 4 years now and with tremendous feedback. Here at Immunovetuk/Abiwholefoods we passionately make sure prices are as low as possible so that all social statuses can afford to keep their pets enriched. We also keep low prices as we don't use massive cost marketing, we truly rely on social media and user testimony through word of mouth..

As caring pet owners we know how costs can escalate from 'species appropriate' diet requirements to veterinary bills. Knowing how Immunovet works we truly want all animals in the home and on the fields to be able to benefit from its goodness. As with anything, consumer research is a must we feel if a product is unknown, this is how I found it and regarding Immunovet, we are extremely happy to see research on 'Fermented Wheat Germ Extract' available in such places as PubMed and The American Journal of Veterinary Medicine

If you have not heard of Immunovet for your pets and livestock enrichment purposes, now you have. Have a great day everyone.

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