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Pet Care


Caring for a pet is a commitment. It should not be entered into lightly or unsupported if living within a family unit as pets can be like children and certainly require and deserve the love and care children do. From diet to grooming to regular check ups including blood work we believe it's possible to keep on top of your pets health and add to their longevity and extending your companionship further will good quality of life.

Pet Training Guides

Coming soon-Recommendations 

Make them Behave

Reinforce good behaviour with positive action, do not berate bad behaviour however do not accept it either-train some more or in a different way.  Your tone of voice and own belief in your command is a good thought to keep. It's easy to get frustrated but they learn from us.

Food that They Need

Species appropriate diets coming soon.

Pet Foods

Coming soon-recommended foods available online or instores.

Do's and Don'ts

Don't let anyone (child or adult) make yours or their pet(s) feel intimidated or put upon. Do Try and de sensitise your pet in a controlled enviroment if needed as

Intimidated or scared animals react much the same as humans but they only have teeth to tell us about it.  


DO THINK SAFETY-yours, your pets and the publics.


Healthy Recipes for Pets

Coming soon

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