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Training & Behavior

We believe there are no bad dogs naturally. Some links coming soon for info and courses

Travel Essentials

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how and what you may need to travel with your pet in and out of the UK


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K-9 Shacks

Recommended Cat and dog toys and more...

Foods for your pets.

Grooming serves to keep your pet in good condition and also allows trust to be gained. (unless you have a domestic cat with a ferral attitude)

Happy Dog

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organic & chemical free

Good food
for all

Pet Grooming?

No problem!

Friendly Pets

Are a product of their environment and handling from Infancy but even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Why should my animals use Immunovet

Your pet is worth every gram of the enrichment available from it.

Keep them healthy

Yearly blood tests can help monitor your pets health.

For love of animals, thats why we do it.

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