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Dr. Endr Sóse, Director of Nature Conservation and Animal Health of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardenthe, chief veterinarianyour recommendation:

"We have been using Immunovet at the Budapest Zoo for many years because we are satisfied with it. In many species of animals and our experience is very widely good. Immunovet is used when a debilitating problem is suspected. This can be, for example, a skin problem, a conditional problem. In such cases, it is always part of the therapy, but it can also be a case where there is a viral disease or fungal infection we think there are immune weakening processes in the background. The animals eat, are not rejected, and can be dispensed quite easily due to the shape of the powder. For this reason, it can be practically incorporated into the feeding protocol. Immunovet's description includes an immune-boosting, robusting and regenerating preparation, so in these cases we all use it at the Budapest Zoo."

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