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About Us

Our Aim.
Instruct on the feed amounts of Immunovet and to inform and support people impartially on pet nutrition and how it really benefits their animal both long and short term. With years of great feedback on results and service we have found Immunovet combined with a species appropriate diet does enrich your pet or livestock on a cellular level as this is how it is absorbed, a very unique product and all natural. 

Did you know? Immunovet has been at the last 3 National Pet Shows in London UK, All About Dogs Norfolk and Supervets Dog Fest Exhibited by Abiwholefoods Ltd.
Introduced by Abiwholefoods Ltd to the UK in late 2013 whilst finding alternatives and diet enhancements we have seen Immunovet grow slowly but positively in use by UK pet owners who researched and chose the benefits of Immunovet with their pets diet.

We are now stocking stores across the UK and Eire and welcome your contact.



We donate too.
We have proudly been able to donate Immuonvet product to and, this is only possible by your purchases and understanding of why constant use of immunovet is ideal to maintain your enriched pets and livestock, by buying Immunovet you can be assured you do more than just enrich your animals, you directly help the animals that are not in a warm loving home through no fault of their own or being mistreated and neglected on the streets of Romania. As we grow we hope to help more.


Have suported Paws 2 Rescue
Hungarian Kennel Club Approved

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Bunnies love it

What they need
A species appropriate diet is essential for all, now lets add Immunovet to that for a powerhouse of enrichment benefits. SHOP NOW

Happy chickens fed on Immunovet

Chickens love the granules
Healthy disease free animals are happy animals that produce well. Good health we believe starts from the gut.

Cat waiting for Immunovet in a basket

Something good
NO GMO's contained within. ONLY natural wholesome ingredients.  Pups love them so much the tabs can be used as training aids whilst doing them good.

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