Immunovet can help the immune defense.  Immunovet nourishes the intestinal villi and increases their surface.


The product is rich in macro- and microelements, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Its important components include herbal benzoic- and hydroquinones.

Nutrient content:

1 tablet contains 1g of Immunovet concentrate. The Immunovet concentrate is a special, biotechnologically produced patented extract, made from carefully selected wheat germs that are extracted from to give us Immunovet FWGE


Nutritional values in dry matter:

crude protein: min 12%

crude fat: max4%

crude fibre: max 2%

crude ash: max 4%


Not recommended for:


Feeding is not advised in cases of hereditary fructose intolerance or if there is a hypersensitivity to any compound of the product.

Diabetics can consume Immunovet, taking into consideration the carbohydrate content of the product.



Immunovet (fermented wheat germ extract), fructose

Additives: Magnesium stearate, natural flavour, carboxymethyl-cellulose

Technical information:

Packaging unit: 1 bottle (100 tablets)

Net weight: 150g (100 tablets each of 1500mg)

Product shelf life: 2 years


Immunovetuk Note

Please look up as much info as you can to be sure this is the product you require.

We believe at Immunovetuk that this is a key compliment to enrich diet. There are plenty of online PubMed documents to support FWGE and user testimonies in other countries, please satisfy yourself with this knowledge and Please feel free to contact us here, to add comments or email me so i can post for you if you would like to remain annonymous.



we do not claim to treat cure or prevent illness or disease

organic & chemical free

Good food
for all

Pet Grooming?

No problem!

Friendly Pets

Are a product of their environment and handling from Infancy but even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Why should my animals use Immunovet

Your pet is worth every gram of the enrichment available from it.

Keep them healthy

Yearly blood tests can help monitor your pets health.

For love of animals, thats why we do it.

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