Immunovet has been available around the world for quite a while but not much if anything was known in the UK about it in late 2012 when Abiwholefoods Ltd Introduced it.


In just over 2 years, crucial useage feedback in the UK has added to already known facts on and offline about Fermented Wheat Germ Extract and its Efficacy when incorporated into the diets of ruminants, poultry, domestic and sporting animals it's come time the animals in the UK get the benefit too!


Due to increased use in 2016 we are beginning to stock the UK and wonder, are you a farmer, store owner, groomer, kennel owner, stud farm or vet that understands good wholesome nutrition is vital even as a compliment daily and feel their customers will benefit from Immunovet, a true powerhouse of enrichment and all natural.

If you understand how immunovet works and want this amazing product for your customers please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you to answer any questions you may have and would love to work with you.

organic & chemical free

Good food
for all

Pet Grooming?

No problem!

Friendly Pets

Are a product of their environment and handling from Infancy but even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Why should my animals use Immunovet

Your pet is worth every gram of the enrichment available from it.

Keep them healthy

Yearly blood tests can help monitor your pets health.

For love of animals, thats why we do it.

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